iPads at KES

iPad Familiarisation

Below you will find a series of videos about the iPad program here at King Edward's, which we hope you will find useful. Although we have split the video into three parts to make it easier for parents to digest in chunks as they have time, we really do encourage you to think of them as a series and to watch all three.

Following on from this, there will be two drop-in sessions on Zoom, which parents will be able to join to ask any remaining questions they may have. Full details are at the bottom of this page. We do please ask that parents have watched the three videos below before attending one of these sessions.

Finally, there is an FAQs page which can be found in the navigation pane to the left, or linked to from the iPad site home page. If, after watching the videos below and/or attending the Zoom session, you still have any questions then please email us via ipad@kes.hants.sch.uk.

iPad Familiarisation Videos

Drop-in Zoom Q&A Sessions

There will be two one-hour drop-in sessions with Mr Rokison (OJR) and Mr Blow (DTB) on the dates and times listed below. Please note you are welcome to join the meeting at any time, and leave as soon as your question has been answered. The codes for joining and a direct link are both listed next to each session.

Wednedsay 22nd June 19:00-19:40 - joining link, ID: 873 8735 8284, Passcode: iPadQ&A22

Monday 27th June 19:00-19:40 - joining link, ID: 818 6782 2135, Passcode: iPadQ&A22